Solid Waste 

The Solid Waste Management 109 Board is the governing body for solid waste management in Pendleton County.

Please help us to keep the community “CLEAN AND GREEN” – Keep your litter and dispose of properly.  Pendleton County has a roadside litter cleanup program for non-profit county groups.  For details contact the Solid Waste Coordinator.  If you see anyone illegal dumping or littering write down their license plate number and a brief description of the vehicle and report them to the Solid Waste Coordinator.

Pendleton County is host to the Pendleton County/Rumpke Landfill that is an LLC owned by Rumpke of Ohio.  This landfill if currently accepting waste from 22 counties in the tri-state area.  Pendleton County signed a new Host Agreement (689KB) with Rumpke for a period of ten years to expire 1 July 2016.  Host Agreements are not a requirement between a landfill and county – KRS 68.178.  

The Host Agreement accomplishes two things:

  1. The county controls the amount of tonnage on a daily or annual basis deposited in the landfill.
  2. Generates financial gains for counties based on tonnage that is accepted on a daily basis.  This tonnage also determines the lifespan of the landfill.  Less tonnage more life verses more tonnage less life.  Each landfill permit issued by the state, once local determination has been given by a county, continues without having  an expiration date. 

Minimal tonnage accepted by a landfill could create a landfill that would last a lifetime on a relatively small piece of acreage.

Duties of the Solid Waste Coordinator
The Solid Waste Coordinator implements the Pendleton County Solid Waste Management Plan and coordinates all activities of the Solid Waste Management District.

  • Diversion of wastes from landfill to other sources such as composting, waste reduction, waste prevention, recycling, etc.
  • There are four mobile drop off recycling bins located in Pendleton County located at Northern and Southern Elementary, Pendleton County High School and Sharp Middle School.  They accept cardboard, newspaper, magazines, glass; steel food cans, aluminum cans, plastics (no. 1&2). 
  • Used oil and antifreeze may be taken to the Pendleton County Road Barn Monday through Friday 7:00amto 3:00pm.  The Solid Waste Department also accepts old batteries, paint and propane tanks.
  • Coordinates special projects such as Free Day at the Landfill, Commonwealth Cleanup Week, Tire Amnesty and Roadside Litter Cleanup.
  • Enforcement of Solid Waste Management Ordinance, Kentucky Revised Statutes and the Pendleton County Nuisance Ordinance (276KB), such as illegal dumping, junk vehicles, littering, etc.
  • Monitors and Coordinates 109 Board Education Scholarship Fund; education in the Public School System
  • Monitors “Free Day at the Landfill” for Pendleton County residents who are Rumpke customers.  Second Saturday of each month from 7:00am to 11:00am.
  • E-scrap including computers and devices (all types), power supplies, printers, cords, and chargers, may be taken to the Pendleton County Road Barn on Hwy 330. Drop offs accepted Monday thru Friday 7:00am to 3:00pm. We can NOT accept televisions.

  • ANY white goods including water heaters, stoves, microwaves, clothes washers, clothes dryers, refrigerators / freezers, and window air conditioning units may be dropped off FREE of charge at the Rumpke landfill any time during their normal business hours. You may contact Rumpke for hours of operation at 859-472-7339.



Clean Up Release Agreement (for YOUTH - ages 8 to 17)
Litter Agreement GROUP FORM