Emergency Service Contacts

Pendleton County, with a land area of 282 square miles, has a population of nearly 15,000 people. The county seat and largest city is Falmouth located near the center of the county with Butler, the second largest city, in the north central part. Pendleton County has over 300 miles of road and is mostly rural in nature.

It has two rivers that run the length of the county, two main rail lines, two major highways capable of handling large trucks and hazardous cargo, natural gas pipelines, propane fill stations, it’s in close proximity to an earthquake fault line, and located in a part of the country that is prone to tornadoes and severe weather.

These factors all present the potential for disasters, both natural and manmade. 

911 Dispatch
Ambulance Service
Chief of Police - Butler
Chief of Police - Falmouth
Falmouth Volunteer Fire Dept.
Kenton Community Fire Dept.
Kentucky State Police - Dry Ridge
Northern Pendleton Fire Dept.
Search and Rescue (SAR)
Sheriff's Office