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022316-1 Electric Fee OrdinancesView
1011.0 Nuisance Ordinance 2021View
110.1 Magistraterial Districts 2001View
110.1 Magistrial DistrictsView
150.0 Cemetery BoardView
220.12 Emergency Services CollectionView
230.7 Administrative CodeView
250.1 Code of Ethics 1998View
33.03A Falmouth Open Burning OrdinanceView
330.2 911 Funding OrdinanceView
330.3 911 Address Utility Hookup 2000View
330.4 Posting 911 Address Number 2000View
330.7 AddressingView
334.4A Drive Way Permit 2007View
340.0 Synthetic MarijaunaView
340.1 Weapons in Government Buildings 1997View
340.5 Drought Conditions 1999View
341.0 Prevention of Deployment of Emergency Services Through Open BurningView
351.0 Ambulance Taxing District OrdinanceView
351.1 Ambulance Tax District Amend 351.0View
351.2 Ambulance Tax District Amend 351.1View
351.3 Ambulance Tax District Amend 351.2View
400.1 Sexually Oriented Businesses 1998View
410.1 Manufacturing and Trafficking in Alcoholic BeveragesView
430.0 Occupational License Tax 2006View
430.01 Occupational Tax AmendmentView
430.02 Occupational Tax AmendmentView
460.0 Transient Room TaxView
500.2 Speed Limit 1999View
520.0 Road DestructionView
623.0 Right-of-Way Encroachment PermitView
800.0 O+M Sewage Disposal SystemsView
810.1 All Fiscal Court Owned Buildings Smoke FreeView
820.04A Off-Site Waste ManagementView
820.2 Solid Waste District CreationView
820.4 Solid Waste Management 1994View
820.7 Amend 820.4 (Pickup Times)View
830.1 109 Board Members Reduction OrdinanceView
841 Signed Animal Control OrdinanceView
841.1 Starving HorseView
950.1 Right to Farm 1996View
Flood Ordiance (Damage Prevention Ordinance 340.7)View
Summary of Amendment to Zoning Ordinance 920.0AView
Summary of Amendment to Zoning Ordinance 920.0BView

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