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Hours for requesting: 9AM – 5PM Monday through Friday
Fee for public records: Paper Copies $0.15 per page - Audio CD $2.50 per CD
• A  person requesting a CD or paper record must first complete the  Open Records Request form for audio and/or the CD   information request form for paper request.  

• Once the form has been completed it must be returned by Fax (859) 654-1931, in person at 2275 HWY 27 N, Falmouth, KY or the Open Records Request form can be emailed to

• The official custodian will then notify the person requesting the information of the place, date and time they may pick the record up, not to exceed three (3) business days (excluding holidays and weekends) from the date the form was presented.  If the request cannot be honored in three (3) business days a detailed explanation will be given for the delay

• The person requesting the record may wish the record to be mailed.  If so, custodian will mail the copies upon receipt of all fees and the cost of mailing.

• No person shall remove original copies of public records from the e911 center without the written permission of the official custodian of the record