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‚ÄčLienholder Information

In accordance with KRS 65.8836 and Pendleton County Nuisance Ordinance 1011.0 Section 9, the Pendleton County Code Enforcement Office is providing the information below to lienholders who may have an interest in these properties. If you are a lienholder and you would like to take action with regard to a final order associated with a property, please contact the Pendleton County Code Enforcement Office at 859-654-1376.

Lienholder Status Explanations

  •  Issued: This property was cited, the property owner did not pay the fine or request a hearing, and a final order has been issued.
  • Appealable: This property was cited, and a final order was issued following a Code Board Hearing. The final order can be appealed in district court within 30 days.
  • Not Appealable: The property owner did not file an appeal to court within the required time frame.
  • Appealed: The final order against this property has been appealed in court and is awaiting resolution.
  • Processing: The County is currently processing paperwork to file a lien against this property.
  • Lien Filed: A lien has been filed against this property.

Steve Hill
Pendleton County Code Enforcement
233 Main St.
Falmouth, KY  41040
Office:  (859) 654-1376
Cell:  (859) 910-7701

Lienholder Notifications

Case #PIDNProperty AddressOwner NameLast Known AddressStatusDownload
2023-053048-00-00-028.031152 Pleasant Hill Rd. Butler, Ky. 41033William Moreland17360 Trinity St. Detroit, Mi. 48219Lien FiledDocuments
2023-030041-00-00-010.022224 Catawba Rd. Falmouth, Ky. 41040Showalter, Gary2224 Catawba Rd. Falmouth, Ky. 41040Lien FiledDocuments
2020-023012-00-00-015.007078 Hwy 467 Demossville, Ky. 41033Jeff Biggie LLC.4614 Tower Avenue Cincinnati, OH. 45217Lien FiledDocuments