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On July 1, 2008, the Pendleton County Fiscal Court, along with enormous help from the Pendleton County Joint Planning Commission and county citizens, passed its first zoning ordinance for Pendleton County. Kentucky Revised Statute, Chapter 100 (KRS 100), plainly lays out the process and procedures for implementing this Zoning Ordinance. Kentucky Law provides that a Boards of Adjustments be formed as a legislative body to perform the following procedures in carrying out the zoning ordinance:

  • Determine variances in the dimensional provisions laid out in the ordinance
  • Approving changing form one nonconforming use to another
  • Hear and decide applications for conditional use permits
  • Handle appeals brought against the actions and decisions made by the Zoning Administrator

The Pendleton County Board of Adjustments is made up of five citizen member appointed by the fiscal court. Each term of office is for a four years period and member are appointed with staggering terms.

The Board of Adjustments only meet when they have business to conduct. The board may meet in special called meetings when the need for action warrants. Any Special Called meeting must follow KRS Public Notice requirements. All meetings of the Board of Adjustments are opened to the public. For further information, please see "Article 12" of the Pendleton County Zoning Ordinance.

Anyone wishing to apply to the Board of Adjustments in order to have action taken on any of the aforementioned procedures, should contact the Pendleton County Planning and Zoning Office at 233 Main, Falmouth, Kentucky 41040 or by calling the Zoning Office at 859.654.1108.


Board Members

Steven Foster (Chairman), Matthew Kirsch, Ethan Stahl, William Feltner, Karen Crozier

Board Staff:  Brett Price

Meetings:  2nd Thursday of each month as needed, 6:30PM Old County Courthouse, 233 Main St, Falmouth, Ky 41040