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Pendleton County has a Phone Nofication System used to notify the public of an emergency or disaster. This system is also used to provide general information such as road closings, utility outages, water line breaks, boil orders and other information to generally assist the public

This is a very useful notification system, but it will only call numbers that are listed with the phone company. If you have an unlisted number or cell phone, you must register these numbers in order to receive a call.     

The link below will take you to a secure website where you can add your name, address and phone number to the Pendleton County Phone Nofication System.   

Click here to add your name, address, and phone numbers to our Emergency Notification List for voice call and text messages.


Text to Enroll and can easily be done from your mobile device by texting pencoema to 99411.

 If you already receive phone/text alerts, you do not have to sign up again. This is just for those who do not currently receive the alerts.

After texting pencoema to 99411, you will receive a link that takes you to the Community Notification Enrollment (CNE) page on our website. Once on this page, you can easily sign up for emergency notifications. If you want to receive text alerts make sure to check the box that says “Send text messages”. It will then ask for your mobile device carrier.