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The 2022 Primary Election is Tuesday, May 17, 2022.   The deadline to register online to vote in the 2022 Primary is Monday, April 18, 2022 at 4PM local time.
Ways you can register to vote:

The deadline to change your party affiliation was Friday, December 31, 2021.

​Local Candidates

Judge Executive
David Fields (R)
Jeff Auchter (D)


Eddie P. Quinn (R)
Jared Brewer (R)
Bill Harris (D)

Magistrate District 1

Alan Whaley (R)
Mason Taylor (R)
Anthony Strong (D)

Magistrate District 2
Josh Plummer (R)
Brandon Gregg (R)
Shawn Mills Nordheim (R)
Stacie A. Meyer (D)

Magistrate District 3
Darrin Gregg (R)
Martha Gosney (R)

Magistrate District 4
Rick Mineer (D)
Randy Kimmel (R)
Gary Askin (R)
Steven D. Foster (R)

Pendleton Co. Attorney
Stacey Sanning (R)

Anthony Gillespie (R)

John Steele (D)

Jonathan Peoples (D)

County Clerk
Rita Spencer (R)

Constable District 1
Gregory Littleton (R)

Constable District 2
Michael Fleharty (R)

Constable District 3
Louis McCord (R)

Constable District 4
Michael Dougherty, Sr.(R)
Scott Edgley (R)